About Bang Candy Co.
Sarah Souther of Bang Candy Company

Sarah Souther of Bang Candy Company

In May of 2010 my friend Nina and I were enjoying some wine at a local restaurant when we spied upon the dessert menu a most intriguing item 'Hot Chocolate' thick molten chocolate served in a teapot with handmade marshmallows… we had no resistance and ordered it immediately. That was the first time I had tried a handmade marshmallow, it was delicious and I was curious. I got home, experimented and before long the Rose Cardamom marshmallow was born. I took some of these to a friends birthday party. They went down a treat and the hostess likened them to "swallowing God in velvet pants!" Who could argue with that, I knew was onto something.

The next few months were spent developing new flavors and creating the brand and in September The Bang Candy Company was launched, an artisan marshmallow company specializing in candy for the discerning palette. Since then we have added many different products, our candies and syrups are crafted in small batches using the finest ingredients, no preservatives, no stabilizers, and no artificial colors or artificial flavors.

Next came the syrups, a little something to enliven a glass of Prosecco or Champagne, beef up a vodka tonic, add a skip in the step of a martini or splash into some soda water for a refreshing bubbly drink. Today we make eight flavored syrups, including Ginger Rosemary, Habanero Lime, Strawberry Rhubarb and Lavender Mint. These versatile concoctions can be used in any comestible or libation your imagination can muster. Take a look at our recipe page and see some delicious concoctions our wonderful Bang Candy customers have come up with.

The Bang Candy Company is owned and run by Sarah Souther who is aided and abetted by a couple of wild and wonderful assistants. In January 2012 the doors of The Bang Candy Company's physical location opened up in Marathon Village, Once the home to Marathon Motor Works where the Marathon Car was built at the beginning of the 1900's now a bustling artistic district. The Marathon building now houses, distilleries, cafes, artists, recording studios, a radio station, custom clothing and jewelry manufacturing and many other craftsmen and women. It is a veritable hotbed of creative enterprise!

The shop serves both as a cafe where one can nibble on all sorts of house-made baked goods and a confectionary production space where you can see each painstaking step of confectionary making and all the other ridiculous things we love to do. Pop by!