Bang Candy Co. Makes Scary-Good Desserts


The Bang Candy Company loves any excuse to party, and if said party includes great music and stellar company, you can bet we’ll be there--with sweet treats in tow!

Halloween was no exception: for the 2nd year in a row, Bang Candy Company owner Sarah Souther partnered with Jack White’s Third Man Records for their annual Halloween bash to create some scary-good treats. With a few collaborations between Bang and Third Man already under her belt, Souther pulled out all the stops in order to really impress and delight the crowd at Devil’s Night. And what, pray tell, will make ghouls, goblins, and witches light up when they’re already kind of...lit up? Fire.

Complete with fire torches to amp up the authenticity, Bang Candy brought their latest [and arguably greatest] confectionary delight: S’more Kits. Guests had the option for either classic Vanilla mallows or a Triple Smoked Whiskey variety, but other accoutrements were classic: cookies and chocolate. 

Best of all, for a limited time these Mini S’more Kits are now available for purchase both in our store and online! Kits are outfitted with two Vanilla mallows and four dark chocolate-covered shortbread cookies. Fire not included.